Colocate With Reliability
Colocate With GLOBE Datacenter

GLOBE DataCenter is more than just a colocation provider; we are an infrastructure and cloud computing specialist.

Whatever the size of your requirements, our engineers build and operate while ensuring you that your mission-critical data will run with optimum availability, security and efficiency. Access our global 2 Tbit/s network and find sufficient colocation data center space to expand your needs.

As you develop or shift course our support team will guarantee you scale rapidly and with efficiency, offering you excellent response time and service levels as well as long-term planning with minimal power overheads. We will also work closely with you to streamline your network enhancing your business and where conceivable speeding up your development. Colocate with reliability.


Full rack

Full Rack Unit

  • 47U and 4 for e.g. Switches extra
  • 220 cm high 70cm deep and 120cm deep
  • Capaciy 1500kg per rack
  • Cold Aisle Containment
  • IP54 Rating
  • A + B feed 18 sockets each and 16A each on 230V fully usable
  • 1 traffic uplink included (100Mbit, 1 Gbit, 10Gbit - RJ45, Glass LC / SC)
  • Own 19-inch server rack

We Provide Solutions To All
Of Our Clients And Their Needs

GLOBE DataCenter’s colocation service is designed specifically so that you have the peace of mind that your company’s essential infrastructure is secure at GLOBE DataCenter.

Designed to help you have a simpler and more profitable relationship with technology, GLOBE Colocation provides you with a secure and professional environment for the installation of your IT infrastructure. Our datacenter, in Den Helder, is designed and developed for safety: we use enterprise-grade equipment and technology, which allows us to provide our customers a 100% operational accessibility of the colocation environment.


Powerful Network

Connecting to the world’s leading leading network carriers by using our redundant network, delivering 99.99% network uptime, high-speed network, and delivering 2+ Tbps of bandwidth capacity.

Maximum space efficiency

Thanks to our scalable infrastructure: electricity, air conditioning & flow, construction of powerful, compact rack units.

Trusted Experts

GLOBE DataCenter experts have over 10 years of experience migrating data for dozens of companies. Let us handle your infrastructure migration - allow us to deal with your infrastructure migration - we know how value your information is.

Layered Security

GLOBE DataCenter is monitored 24 hours a day. An access pass is required to enter the building. Access to the data center is provided by keycards and keys to access your cage.

Supervision and Administration

GLOBE DataCenter monitors all activity in / and around our facility through CCTV surveillance. GLOBE DataCenter monitors every visitor who visits our facilities.


Access to our facilities is closely monitored using various security layers. Think of: access cards, biometric fingerprint scanners, CCTV and on-sight security.

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