The number of malicious and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have dramatically increased over the last few years — raising the chances that your IT infrastructure may one day be compromised.

Just in the first half of 2020 alone, there were over 4.8 million DDoS attacks around the world. As a result, IT administrators have to ensure resilience and availability, even as attacks become increasingly complex. The DDoS Protect Advanced solution from GLOBE DataCenter helps combat malicious activity.

As a leading provider of computing solutions with carrier-grade service levels, GLOBE DataCenter consistently delivers renowned DDoS protection.

Unforeseen traffic patterns affect user satisfaction and clog cost- ly transit links. Providing reliable network services is imperative to the success of today’s organizations.

As the business cost of network malfunctions continues to increase, rapid identification and mitigation of threats to network performance and reliability become critical in order to meet expected SLAs and network availability requirements.

Wanguard’s network-wide surveillance of complex, multilayer, switched or routed environments together with its unique combination of features is specifically designed to meet the challenge of pinpointing and resolving any such threats.


  • Full Network Visibility - Support all IP traffic monitoring technologies.
  • Comprehensive DDoS Protection - Profiling the online behavior of users and by comparing over 130 live traffic parameters against defined thresholds.
  • On-Premise DDos Mitigation - Protects networks by using BGP blackhole routing or FlowSpec.
  • Fast, Scalable & Robust - The software was designed to run on commodity hardware by leveraging high- speed packet capturing technologies.
  • Complex Analytics - Generates complex reports with data for hosts, departments, interfaces, ports, protocols, autonomous systems, and more.
  • Real-time Reporting - Bandwidth graphs are animated and have a short-term accuracy of just 5 seconds.
  • Historical Reporting - You can view reports from the last 5 seconds to the last 10 years by selecting any custom time period.
  • Powerful Reaction Tools - Executes predefined actions that automate the responses to attacks: sends notification emails, announces prefixes in BGP, generates SNMP traps, modifies ACLs.
  • Detailed Forensics - Samples of packets and flows are captured for forensic investigation during each attack. Detailed reports can be emailed to you, affected customers or the attacker’s ISP.

Ensure Service Availability with Industry-Leading DDoS Protection

GLOBE DataCenter uses award-winning enterprise-grade software which delivers to NOC, IT and Security teams the functionality needed for effective monitoring and protection of large WAN networks against volumetric attacks. Unforeseen traffic patterns affect user satisfaction and clog costly transit links. Providing reliable network services is imperative to the success of today’s organizations.

GLOBE Datacenter’s filter gets activated during DoS, DDoS or DrDOS attacks to detect and apply filtering rules that scrub abnormal traffic in a granular manner without impacting the user experience or resulting in downtime.


Fully-managed security service with attack time protection by GLOBE DataCenter Emergency Response Team.

Generates complex reports with aggregated data for hosts, subnets, IP groups, interfaces, protocols, ASNs, countries, and more.

Multiple deployment options with cloud-based, hardware-based and hybrid solutions to match any customer architecture or use case.

Our software-based filters are very flexible, although not always fast enough on commodity hardware to be able to scrub a full 40 GbE link flooded with small packets.

All servers that we deliver are protected up to 500 Gbit/s DDoS attacks, our protection is highly effective in identifying suspicious pattern on IP level and drops: unwanted traffic and only allows clean traffic to pass through the network.

Defends against known/unknown and evolving DoS, DDoS and other volumetric attacks: smart filtering any combination of source and destination IPv4 or IPv6 addresses, sources and destination TCP or UDP ports.

Monitored 24/7 by our Security Operations Center, GLOBE DataCenter ensures that your traffic is automatically analyzed against the latest DDoS attack policies and patterns.

Our protection detects all anomalies, such as: (DDoS) attacks, unknown volumetric DoS attacks, NTP amplification attacks, UDP- , SSL- floods, ICMP floods, SMURF attacks, and peer-to-peer attacks. Thanks to our multi-layered filter system.

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