GLOBE DataCenter was founded in 2020 as a cloud computing service. Since then, we have grown exponentially. GLOBE DataCenter is the cloud partner for small and medium-sized enterprises. We are experts in cloud computing and offer a solution to all of our clients needs.

We help our clients take their first steps online, large companies, small-business owners, and the partners who help them succeed by scaling-up. Whether you're building an online presence, moving back-office processes to the cloud, hosting valuable data, server, or service.

Reliability and security are put together into the core of our products. With our headquarters in Den-Helder, we rely on a solid mix of enterprise-grade technology, strong privacy, and multilayered data security. Our data center network delivers optimal performance and redundancy.

At GLOBE DataCenter, we think you deserve nothing less than the latest technologies at a great price and in terms that are easy to understand.

We make our product offerings and prices as transparent as possible. Helping to make you a success online is our gain — ensuring that you’ve got time for other, more important things is our goal.


GLOBE DataCenter operates in the most energy-efficient way

GLOBE DataCenter operates in the most energy-efficient way. Sustainability for us means being responsible for preserving the environment and always acting as a factor of our natural resources.

We are concerned about global warming, so we strive to reduce our energy consumption and carbon footprint while investing in renewable and sustainable energy. Given that data centers are among the largest energy consumers In the world, we want to show environmental leadership and hope others will follow our example.


We are dedicated to the business world

GLOBE DataCenter aims at achieving improvement through continuously improving our quality and information security. And reduce our environmental impact by working improvement practices and compliance with legal and other requirements.

We are in a constant process of innovation, creating integrated solutions whenever integration is relevant to the customer. We are dedicated to the business world. The high quality of the services and high-speed network we offer helps us create relevant and efficient solutions for our customers.



This is the driving force of our company. We aim to always remain one step ahead by developing products and solutions that fit our customers needs.


We strive to operate and communicate with integrity at all times, offering customers a level of support and care that we are proud of.


Openness begins with active communication, ensuring that our customers are informed of new developments as quickly and clearly as possible.


We treat customers with the respect they deserve and we invest in and nurture these important relationships. We also respect the environment and strive to reduce our impact on the environment.

Stability & Availability

100% operational since the launch of our data center. 99.99% guaranteed up-time.

Specialized Support

Our support team, made out of specialized engineers, answers quickly and is available 24/7/365

Full flexibility

We offer full flexibility with monthly contract terms, so our customers can up/downgrade packages at any time.

Powerful products

From simple storages units to best-in dedicated performance infrastructure, we offer powerful products that require your needs.

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